Phoneography – Canada Day Long Weekend

So, it’s been awhile. A hectic schedule can do that. BUT! With the death of my fav photo app (Lightbox), I reluctantly made the move to Instagram (you can follow me at username JimToddPhotography). I must say, it revitalized my interest in this medium and further showed me just how powerful a device as simple as my Galaxy S can be. So, throw me a follow on Instagram (JimToddPhotography) or on twitter @jimtoddphoto.

Here’s a few snaps from our trip to Blue Lake, Ontario.

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Phoneography Jan-Feb

I haven’t been getting out lately despite our above average winter, my time was taken up by my Team Photo work for Stafford Studios, buuuut, now Hockey season is slowing down so it’s time to bring back the Phoneography posts.

To explain, Phoneography is simply pictures shot and edited with a mobile phone. Pretty self explanatory, aside from the fact that they aren’t planned. It just happens. No people, just every day stuff, shot differently. So yep, these were all shot and edited on my Samsung Galaxy S using the Lightbox for Android App. Another good photo app among all the gimmicky ones is BeFunky , available for Android and iOS. I used it for awhile, but found Lightbox was a little more reserved when it came to the filters. Follow me on twitter to catch these as I post them.

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From the Phone

I love always having a camera on me, and thanks to the leaps in camera phone tech, and all the fantastic apps available to us on all platforms be it iOS, Android or Blackberry, I always have a great camera on my hip. More pics after the jump.



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