Our Summer Vacay 2012

Well, we’re almost at the end of this bitchin’ winter and about a month ago, I found about 250 video clips from our annual week long vacay to Ontario. Click through to read more.

Sifting through the footage did NOT make the winter any easier to bare, but I decided to hunker down and put the mish mash of clips together. This was shot over a week, and our good friends and neighbors Ben, Shannon, and their two boys showed up for the last few days. The Sailor Jerry flowed, dock fishing commenced, and a few injuries took place (leave it to the adults to get hurt). I can’t wait to head back.

Oh, and yes, I’m not going to mention the place. It’s our secret little hidey hole.

Family Vacay 2012 from Jim Todd on Vimeo.

Songs in order, and used with love. Like a tune? Click the link and buy it!
1 – NoFX – Cantado En Espanol – off Wolves in Wolves Clothing

2 – Bad Religion – A Walk – off The Gray Race

3 – Rise Against – Swing Life Away – off Siren Song Of The Counter Culture




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