May 6, 2013 Jimbo

Phoneography Apr 29-May 5

So with ditching my old phone, and acquiring one that works. I have returned to posting senseless drivel on Instagram. Here’s some stuff from the past week. Some were edited with Snapseed others just with Instagram. All shot with the HTC One.

[tdgallery columns=”4″]

IMG_20130502_132341 IMG_20130502_212133 IMG_20130504_141422 IMG_20130504_143320 IMG_20130504_154220 IMG_20130504_154557 IMG_20130504_170807 IMG_20130504_171326 IMG_20130504_172015 IMG_20130504_172331 IMG_20130504_173926 IMG_20130505_104516 IMG_20130505_105751 IMG_20130505_130725 IMG_20130505_131632 IMG_20130505_132422 IMG_20130505_133648 IMG_20130505_171809 IMG_20130505_172153


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