Cheese Dodgeball

Awhile ago, my buddy Dave brought his Dodgeball team over for a quick shoot and a couple drinks. This was a bit different from what I’m used to when working a composite as I didn’t really have the time to flesh out the overall idea in advance. So I shot them to fit into a couple of ideas.

The Guys n Gals were shot in my living room, the floor is from my Kid’s school, the wall is from a building in Point Douglas, and the ceiling is from Century Arena.

Winnipeg commercial photographer

Jason Cruz and Howl

Back in August, I did a shoot for one of my all time fav bands Strung Out. Close to the end of the shoot, lead singer Jason Cruz asked if I could take a few snaps of him with his guitar, I though it strange as I’ve always know him to be strictly a vocalist. SO I went ahead and grabbed a few shots and carried on. I didn’t know what Jason wanted me to do with them, but hey, I shot ‘em anyway. Read more

Krispen and Genelle – Couples Composite

Around the beginning of December my buddy Krispen contacted me wondering if I could do a couples shoot with He and his Girlfriend Genelle. He said. “I don’t want the same old boring couples photo. A little more creative…”. This was something I’d been looking for, for a long time. Basically free reign over the initial concept and artistic impression. I asked him to send me some info on the two of them to help build the idea. Pets, work, some favorite stuff, etc. I already knew Krispen was a bit of a snappy dresser, so that helped, but he shot back an email that made my mind race. They had 2 dogs, a Great Dane and a Doberman and 3 cats. Genelle was a vet, she enjoys wine, and Krispen enjoys Manhattans and a Cigar now and then. After a couple of days I had the idea in place and they were all for it. One image, with every component to be shot separately, that tried to capture as much as possible, and put together with a sense of humor.

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On This Day

One thing I’ve always enjoyed and derived inspiration from is music. I’ve been a drummer since I was 7 years old. I played through school, was part of an EPIC rendition of Kilimanjaro as part of Glenlawn Collegiate’s Wind Ensemble performance in Banff, and of course, enjoyed the finer things in life like playing punk shows at the Albert, Ozzies, and The Pyramid. After life took over in the form of a wonderful Family, my drums got packed away but music stayed a part of my life. I listen to a lot of Metal right now. Bands such as Unearth , Killswitch Engage , Strung OutSystem of a Down , TOOL , and Pantera to name a few.

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