Cheese Dodgeball

Awhile ago, my buddy Dave brought his Dodgeball team over for a quick shoot and a couple drinks. This was a bit different from what I’m used to when working a composite as I didn’t really have the time to flesh out the overall idea in advance. So I shot them to fit into a couple of ideas.

The Guys n Gals were shot in my living room, the floor is from my Kid’s school, the wall is from a building in Point Douglas, and the ceiling is from Century Arena.

Winnipeg commercial photographer

Jason Cruz and Howl

Back in August, I did a shoot for one of my all time fav bands Strung Out. Close to the end of the shoot, lead singer Jason Cruz asked if I could take a few snaps of him with his guitar, I though it strange as I’ve always know him to be strictly a vocalist. SO I went ahead and grabbed a few shots and carried on. I didn’t know what Jason wanted me to do with them, but hey, I shot ‘em anyway. Read more

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