How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been shooting for the better part of 20 years, though professionally in Real Estate, and only Real Estate since 2010

What are the benefits?

It could be the difference between winning a listing by adding professional photography as a service. It could be selling that listing faster by eliminating “tire kickers”, therefore freeing up time for family, or to move onto the next listing. The benefits are exponential and easily pay for themselves.

How long does it take?

Usually about 20 minutes depending on the square footage. Typically the time it takes for you to talk out the details of the contract and measure the property.

When should I use your service?

Almost always! Why not enjoy a hand up on others competing for the listing? I’ll be honest with you though. My services are only beneficial with properties above $220k. I don’t recommend my services for properties below $220k unless said property is a condo. I’m not being snobby here. Speaking from experience, it’s a simple fact. I don’t want you to spend your money unless it will show a substantial return on your time/money.

How much notice do you need?

Depending on the season, and we all know which seasons, the earlier the better. Though give it shot! We may have some time to kill last minute and be in the area!

Do you move stuff around?

Yes, within reason of course (I draw the line at patio blocks). I’ll move obstructions or unsightly stuff out of the frame. Fluff pillows, move chairs, move litter boxes etc etc. I always ask that the property be tidied up before the shoot. If you can arrive 15 minutes prior to our arrival, you'll be our new best friend.

What kind of turn-a-round do you offer?

Images and videos are delivered within 24hrs, though we haven't missed a same day delivery unless you're super cool and give us a chance to Netflix and chill in the busy season.

Are you Guys cool?

Hell ya! Vendors love us! We're too Punk Rock to bullshit you. If we think the property is questionable for an upgrade, I'll double check with you. We're not out to gouge, we want the best value for your money.


Sean Kirady

We even managed to get an offer on a listing that wasn’t selling – the day after we loaded the pictures Jim took.


Jeff Dueck

Not only is he quick, efficient and professional, but his photos make all my listing look like a million bucks.


Jeff Brown

He’s very reliable as we’ve often given him last minute notice. He is quick when in our clients homes and with producing the pictures in top quality.


Jim Todd Photography

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